I am a freelance writer based in the Bay Area. As a journalist, I’ve written everything from listicles and news pieces to features and op-eds. Although my writing can range from light and fun to more analytical and critical, my goal as a writer is that my words have an impact on those they reach, including myself as I write them. As a mostly culture and entertainment journalist, my most recent work explores under-representation in mass media for marginalized communities and its effects on our place in society/culture.

My writing has appeared in a number of publications including Femestella, Essence, Affinity, Seattle Medium, and others. In May of 2019 I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Howard University where I received my B.A. in journalism on an academic and athletic scholarship.

In 2018, I was selected to be a part of the 52nd class of ASME (The American Society of Magazine Editors) interns, where I was able to get hands-on experience in the world of media at Essence magazine.

I am now pursuing a career in digital media and writing about a range of topics including everything from entertainment and culture to beauty and politics.

You can email me about any writing opportunities at jasminexhardy@gmail.com